Jun 1, 2019

Cinematic Favorites of May

Being increasingly addicted to collages, I watched less films than usual during May, yet there were enough memorable experiences to compile two top ten lists for the latest, 'the end of the (rainy) spring' edition of Cinematic Favorites. The first one's a rather eclectic selection of features both old and new, highly experimental and commerical, from a surreal, Kafkaesque adventure to a puppet steampunk fantasy, whereas the second one focuses on more recent shorts (made in 2010s), including a 360° documentary and a couple of impressively animated music videos.

1. Последний сон Анатолия Васильевича (Владимир Кобрин, 1990)
2. Prípad pro zacínajícího kata (Pavel Jurácek, 1970)
3. The Blind Owl (Reza Abdoh, 1992)
4. Bai she: yuan qi (Amp Wong & Ji Zhao, 2019)
5. Scarlet Street (Fritz Lang, 1945)
6. Yamasong: March of the Hollows (Sam Koji Hale, 2017)
7. High Life (Claire Denis, 2018)
8. The Book of Birdie (Elizabeth E. Schuch, 2017)
9. Hai Phuong (Le-Van Kiet, 2019)
10. Greta (Neil Jordan, 2018)

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