Jun 12, 2019

A Selection of Recent Artworks

As you've probably noticed, NGboo Art has been sparsely updated with film articles of late, the main reason being my ever-blooming obsession with collages. At once the reflections of my inner world, the carriers of encoded (subconscious?) messages and the links to whichever truths lie beyond our knowledge, my artworks have also become a shield in facing hectic, high-pressured reality of long series of (regular) job rejections and, even worse, lack of responses which both have severely damaged my confidence. So, without further ado (or rather, whining), here are some of my recent pieces, along with the reminder that you can follow my work via Facebook, place orders at Fiverr or make donations through Ko-Fi.

Beauty Rides the Chaos Machine

Wolves With Ties Must Die

Star Devourer (The Butterfly Apocalypse)
(a thank you collage for 600 followers of Nicollage)

Waiting...(Love Sick)
(the official cover for the latest single by NYC-based artist Martin Del Carpio)

Illuminate Thy Void (The Final Pas de Deux)
(the epilogue of a fictitous ballet in seven acts)

A Sophisticated Vampire

Dolor Brawler Omega: Pistonhead vs. St. Ostrich

(open in a new tab to enlarge)

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