Jun 13, 2019

A Musical Interlude + the Latest Collage (soon to be replaced by another latest)

When the thermometer starts reading 30°C or more during the day, I like to go for long and contemplative evening strolls around my neighborhood, accompanied only by my MP3 player. Now, this may sound strange or even crazy, but I often feel like being whisked away into a different, more meaningful reality, especially while passing by the meadows which still haven't been sold to greedy building contractors (who specialize in exploitation of young architects). Scorched by the Sun and dimly lit by street lights, the grassy, somewhat sorrowful scenery 'reminds me of a lightbulb universe', as noted in the Agent Fresco's song 'Silhouette Palette'... Hereafter, you'll find my latest 'walking ritual' playlist dominated by powerful female vocals, such Anneke van Giersbergen and Amanda Somerville, the tracks ranging from Brazilian melodic death metal to sympho-metal cover of pop hits.

And if this compilation is not your cup of tea, you might enjoy my latest artwork inspired by Rouzbeh Rashidi's exquisite cinematic experiment Phantom Islands which is the only film reviewed three times on NGboo Art (pre-premiere article, re-dreaming and capsule review). The piece got its name after last night's re-watch of the German Expressionist masterwork Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - one of the intertitles read 'zwangsvorstellung' (obsession) and it just clicked with me. Its original size is 45x30cm, and it's about... well, certainly not the same thing for everyone.

Zwangsvorstellung: Never Alone on a Phantom Island

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