16 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (Another 13 Pieces)

The longest collage series I've created so far, Instructional Manual for the Superstitious will soon reach 50 pages and be released as a PDF anthology including hi-res versions of artworks.

Æonic Discovery

Glow & Animosity

Pravilo X>=

This Way Away

Horticultural Paranoiac

Alchemical Conversations

A Different POV

Falling Star 888

The Instrument of Doom

Isti Otrov

The Grapes of Wraith

A Close Encounter of the 4D Kind

Prenosiva Kataklizma

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15 Oct 2018

Animal World (Yan Han, 2018)

☼☼☼☼☼(☼) out of 10☼
A prime example of false advertising, Animal World (Dong wu shi jie) is most definitely not a crazy, pulpy and colorful action fantasy about a young man who turns into a sword-wielding clown and goes on a monster killing spree, but rather an overlong and cliché-ridden, though visually inspired (and eventually somewhat touching) 'thriller' about a bunch of debtors stuck on a loan shark's ship where they are forced to play the game of rock-paper-scissors using fancy cards and mathematical wit to win star badges (!) or lose their life, with the 'good parts' that are shown in the trailer and described above happening in our empathetic hero's head, and standing for a blunt metaphor about the difficulties of being a naïve philanthropist in a material world.

9 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (Another 11 Pieces)

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious keeps growing... (NOTE: The bilinguality of the artworks' titles is intentional, but you can always use google-translate.)

This Tingling Sensation


Dreams in a Witch's Womb


Happy End(less)




The Test


Algoritam+=Ludilo (A Horse for Laura P)

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7 Oct 2018

Mythological Reveries (3 Pieces)

The following artworks are the (retitled) remakes of Blue Love: A Centaur and a Lady, Yellow Curiosity: A Sphinx and a Poster Boy and Violet Delusion: Hercules and Cerberus, respectively. I got back to them so they could fit, aesthetic-wise, the 'Mythological Reveries' series... as well as to feed my obsessions with collages and Greek mythology.

A Centaur Trembles Before a Lady

A Sphinx Solves a Riddle for a Poster Boy

 Hercules Sends Cerberus to an Alternative Universe

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4 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (10 Pieces)

In this post which is obviously dominated by phantasmagoric imagery, I present another 10 collages from Instructional Manual for the Superstitious series which started with Less Than If (see the article on the 9th anniversary of NGboo Art).


Photo(n) Memory (Neki Vrag)


Dissolved Halo (Bez Zamajca)

Tangent Reagent

A Multiverse Idyll

A Small Token of Appreciation

The Thoughts of a Faux Moralist

Neuhvatljivo (5...4...3...2...1)

 An Interdimensional Conflict

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