7 Nov 2019

The Blessed Depressed

We mysteriously disappeared on the 12th of Dek Du, just a moment before our father created the word for the world. At the beginning, there was literally nothing, but then the first imagery emerged from our liquid subconsciousness... With their minds hanging from their ears, Kunikloj were wandering around the ancient ruins of Labirinto. They didn’t know what they were searching for, which is why we didn’t want to interrupt their silence. However, Flustre betrayed us, and the birds of Para-Noah whisked them away.

That is why we asked Mr. Luno where would the Tic of the Toc strike and he told us to consider lowering our expectations. It was the day after, yet yesterday didn’t have any objections. Besides, we killed ourselves on great many occasions, so one of our suicides might not have been imaginary. Our children were well-behaved, even during the sudden outbursts of naked luck – they had never barked like those white Korvoj who gathered on the roofs of faux innocence.

When the candy-flavored bubbles burst, everything went back to Normala where three Sunoj shone upon the graves of our ancestors. The road towards Destino was permanently closed and no one explained why.

1 Nov 2019

Apocrypha: A Prelude to Inferno

Apocrypha: A Prelude to Inferno references the Third Book of the avant-garde, multi-genre novel titled The Burlesque of Mr. Perun the God of Thunder (originally, Бурлеска господина Перуна бога грома) by Serbian writer Rastko Petrović (1898-1949). It takes a lot of artistic liberties to depict a scene in which archangel Michael paddles a boat by which mother of God travels to Hell, because she yearns to visit it and meet the Satan himself...

Cinematic Favorites of October

During October, I checked out (and in great many cases, enjoyed) almost 200 short films, by virtue of the great response to the Kinoskop call for entries which, I remind you, is still open, until the 10th of November. I won't reveal my Kinoskop favorites on this month's best of list, but you will find some hints, if you follow the festival's Faceboook page. As for the features, the number is much smaller (barely over 20), with one of a few re-watches being a great nostalgia trip to my childhood - namely, Filmation's cartoon Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982). But, let's get back to the present. Top three big-screen experiences are reserved for Joaquin Phoenix's delightfully deranged one-man show Joker, and a couple of striking debuts - Marko Žunić's angsty, surreally disquieting, neo-Black Wave phantasmagoria Čuj mali čoveče (lit. Listen Little Man), and Susanne Heinrich's hyper-stylized, cynically deadpan post-modern dramedy Das melancholische Mädchen (aka Aren't You Happy?).


1. Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019) 
2. Čuj mali čoveče (Marko Žunić, 2019)
3. Das melancholische Mädchen (Susanne Heinrich, 2019)
5. Once Upon a Time (Xiaoding Zhao & Anthony LaMolinara, 2017)
6. Gwen (William McGregor, 2018) 
7. Prospect (Christopher Caldwell & Zeek Earl, 2018)


26 Oct 2019

Rose and the Phantoms of Extrapolar Singularity

After Rose rose from her grave, the Morose exposed their jealousy. It was yellow and mellow, just like a banana-flavored jello in which he dipped his ripped body. She couldn’t understand and neither could she stand the toxic smell emanating from the devastated land. Hence, she gathered the band of ghosts and reanimated posts, and together they invaded the long coasts of extrapolar singularity...

24 Oct 2019

Greener Grass (Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe, 2019)

☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ out of 10☼

Co-written and co-directed with an unconstrained absurdist glee and quirky irreverence by improv comedians turned filmmakers Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe who also have a whale of a weird time in front of the camera as ultra-polite soccer mums, Greener Grass turns an American dream into a candy-colored suburbia nightmare in which the love for thy neighbor is taken to an irrational extreme. A contender for the most disturbingly delightful film of the year, this 'kids with knives'-sharp middle-class satire by way of a twisted soap opera parody firmly embraces the deliberately kitschy aesthetics of dark humor-veiling pastels, and mercilessly plunges the viewer into a world where all the adults wear braces, newborns are being bestowed to reciprocate the compliment, and coming-of-age tends to feel like becoming a golden retriever. It goes without saying that both the cult status and a bit of head-scratching are guaranteed.

23 Oct 2019

A Selection of Recent Artworks (III)

Recently, I started a new series of monochromatic collages which are titled in Italian, all because a Fellini's film crossed my mind while I was working on the initial piece, though there may be some subconscious reasons as well. Down below, you'll find all of the 11 'Bianco/Nero' artworks created so far, as well as the latest Every Sun That Died spin-off called Salvador which I probably won't share on my Facebook page for the obvious reasons.

During this week of blog-silence, I watched more than 100 short films submitted to the first edition of Kinoskop festival, so I'd like to remind the filmmakers who work with celluloid that they can send us digital copies of their 2018 and 2019 films (Vimeo or DropBox links) to kinoskopfest@gmail.com or via FilmFreeway, until November 10.

Niccolò: L'Avventura Cosmica

L'Ultimo Viaggio di Cleopatra

Il Cacciatore di Sogni: La Grande Fuga

Il Racconto di un Fabbro e una Musa

Futuro il Barbaro: Le Due Presagi

Il Canto Triste della Sirena

L'Incantatore di Coniglie Arcane

Guarda, ma non Toccare!

Il Suo Grande Debutto

La Bella Distopia

Dentro il Buco Nero


16 Oct 2019


The end of November in Belgrade will be marked by the soft flickering of grainy imagery in the dark, all by virtue of Kinoskop - the first international festival of analog cinema and audio-visual performance. For me, it is a great honor to debut as a curator of such an event, so I'll take this oportunity to express my utmost gratitude to Marko Milićević - one of the founders of the Kino pleme, film lab equppied for working on analog film formats - who initiated the said festival and kindly invited me to join him on this 'analog adventure'. Call for entries has been opened and several pieces has already been submitted!

We’re accepting films (shorts, features, animation and documentary) shot on / which integrate (found footage) some of the following formats : Super 8mm / 16mm / 35mm  which can be send in digital copies via our e-mail : kinoskopfest@gmail.com

Films should be made since 2018 and with no limitations in length and can be sent as a passworded Vimeo link, or via Dropbox.

Films will be awarded in the categories : Grand Prix, Best Soundtrack and Audience Award. Members of the jury will be announced on our page and website.

Deadline for submissions is November 10th.

For more info on Kinoskop, visit the official page.
You can also follow us on Facebook.