Jan 4, 2021

A Selection of Recent Artworks (VI)

Initiated in 2019, my most extensive series of collages Bianco/Nero still keeps growing, and taking some unexpected twists and turns that reshape its moody dystopian universe. Hereinafter, I present several recently finished 'chapters', and reveal a couple of brand new ones that may be too hot for the social network censors...

Un Incontro alle Scale della Luna / A Meeting at the Moon Stairs

Mostrami l'Eternità! / Show Me Eternity!

Il Carro Armato Volante / The Flying Tank

Rinascita di Venere / Rebirth of Venus

L'Acrobazia / The Stunt

All'Improvvisso, un Angelo / Out of the Blue, an Angel

Una Memoria Primordiale, Versione 4.1 / A Primordial Memory, Version 4.1

I Custodi del Segreto / The Keepers of the Secret

Tutto ciò che Siamo / Everything We Are

La Perla della Saggezza / The Pearl of Wisdom

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