Jan 14, 2021

Zenith in π Madness

 Zenith in π Madness

Oh, sweet Silence, I walk thee
In the trousers of rain checkered lust
And the pooch spills on the floor
Every single smile for the killers of
Mid-day and walls closed around

When the leeches bark above
The Lake of Wherever You End Up
My honest yellow belly whipped cream
A dead dream absorbs their hatred
Isn’t that the wonder of being born

Everything in the rainbows of our mists
Exists on the same oak stake in bloom
The rulers burn, they burn serendipitously
Under the clouds of ever-changing
Delusions open-minded and sick

Wait (for) me, Maio Dutee!

Mr Mindfucker's Magical Metamorphosis
(March, 2019)

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