Mar 3, 2019

Simulacrum: A Rule is an Illusion (the 2nd Batch)

The abandoned planet vivisects the horizon,
Setting the Mechanism of Perfect Blemishes in motion.
When the Loop opens, the earth trembles.

As we lay completely forgotten by our gods,
Their murderous intentions become clear as a child's tear.
There is no higher truth than this Arcanum.

A continuation of the Simulacrum series brings six more pieces that obstinately defy clarification, plunging the couple of unnamed characters deeper into a feverish delirium of uncontrollable abstractions...

The Final Recognition of a New Dawn

Eons Later, Above the Sea of Undreamed Souls

Sailing the Clouds of Yesterday

Penetrating the Fabric of the Future

Instant Crystalization of the Now

Shadowless Hours in Full Bloom

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