Feb 27, 2019

Simulacrum: A Rule Is an Illusion

A toxic bubble graces the skies with its presence.
We stare at it with our eyes touched by the Void.
For a moment, our breathing stops,
And then everything becomes the luminous absence.
A whisper in disguise denounces the alleviating pain...

A blend of vintage erotica, esoteric mystery, geometric magick, the elements of steam- and cyberpunk subgenres, as well as pulpy fantasy along the lines of Bakshi's Fire and Ice or Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, Simulacrum: A Rule Is an Illusion is my latest series of collages set in a fragile, continuously mutating world of frequent temporal disruptions. I present its first five pieces, and more will follow soon...

The Dayspring of Evanescent Eternity

Star Collectors Challenge the Nightfall

Just Before Midnight: A Time-Bending Ritual

Sudden Rupture During the Great Paranoia

A Transcendental Rest at Frozen Noon

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