Apr 30, 2018

At One Fell Swoop I Dreamed Myself into Drifting Cities

My latest article for EFS Publications focuses on a couple of Michael Higgins's 'ghost features' - ethereal, ambiguous, contemplative, visually immersive works that, inter alia, explore the elusive nature of cinema and haunt the viewer long after being watched or rather, experienced. 
"... At One Fell Swoop takes the viewer on a mesmerizing, mind-altering journey through time and space, across the misty subconscious periphery of an unnamed hero..."
"... Equally fascinating and phantasmal, not to mention as hard to describe as its spiritual predecessor is a meta-fantasy (for lack of a better term) Drifting Cities..."
To read the article in its entirety, click the link below:

Still shots from
At One Fell Swoop (2015)
Drifting Cities (2017)

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