Dec 17, 2019

Minotaur's Secret

At the Labyrinth’s entrance, there is a dead silence. A small tree which grows out of a lost camera is known as The Sound Devourer, but not a soul can tell the origin of its seed. Some say that it is only a figment of the Poet’s imagination, but others swear its leaves will heal sadness, if they don’t turn to dust right after you pick them. 

Inside the Labyrinth, a dangerous creature may live. Many heroes have fallen trying to put an end to its existence, though their ghosts look like those of the suicide victims, blue-eyed and silver-skinned. The beast is immortal, and it feeds on the fairy tales presented to it by the northern winds... or so the story goes. And it doesn’t like to be referred to as ‘it’, because its persona has two horns and a long tail reflected in the mirror.

Through the hallways of the endless maze, no word is ever uttered, yet their walls bleed with hieroglyphs that only HE understands. Sometimes, when his thoughts swirl around as if in a vortex, even he finds it hard to read the pictograms. His vision becomes blurry and a strong headache causes the appearance of another interdimensional portal. Despite numerous visitors from various worlds, he still hasn’t encountered anyone capable of breaking the curse for good...

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