Sep 15, 2018

'ABC~DADA' Triptych

'A' is for Archetype

A princess insisted on the Motor Proficiency Test, but her pet monster had swallowed a soap. Therefore, her suitors were obliged to engage in a savage battle organized by the astral projection of her Dreamweaver. The event was held at the haunted train station.

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'B' is for Bareness'

Before Butterfly’s ascension to Lucidity, there was a machine which had never been put to operation. However, nobody knew why her lost brother had to imagine a realm where taking clothes off felt like making moths believe in the healing power of flame.

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'C' is for Ceasure

Cautiously proceeding to the Oracle, she turned towards the Moon to find that he had transformed into a viciously red poppy flower. Maybe it was her smile that plunged him into Rapture. Nevertheless, she opened the door and entered the Nowhere of her Secrets.

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