Jul 29, 2021

A Selection of Recent Artworks (VIII)

For almost two years (since September 30, to be precise), I've been working on the 'Bianco/Nero' (White/Black) series of digital collages which blend a great variety of influences, ranging from ancient myths to vintage erotica to steam/cyberpunk aesthetics to experimental cinema, into a twisted, retro sci-fi narrative that explores a secret correspondence between the inner and outer universe, Chaos and Order. I don't know when it will end, but I do hope to publish it in the form a (trilingual) photo-novel of sorts some day, which is why I'm still obsessing over it. Hereinafter, you will find a selection of recently finished 'chapters' including a piece that is too provocative for sharing on social media. You can follow me on Facebook, and if you appreciate my artwork, please consider to make a small contribution via my Ko-fi page.

All'Entrata / На улазу / At the Entrance

L'Esperimento: Seconda Fase / Експеримент: Фаза друга / The Experiment: Second Phase

La Papessa / Висока свештеница / The High Priestess

Equilibrio / Равнотежа / Equilibrium

Il Santuario / Светилиште / The Sanctuary

Una Guerriera Mistica / Мистична ратница / The Mystical Warrior

A Metà Strada per l'Eternità / На пола пута до вечности / Halfway to Eternity

Futilità / Узалудност / Futility

Il Museo d'Arte Moderna / Музеј савремене уметности / The Museum of Contemporary Art

Sulla Strada Sbagliata / На погрешном путу / Down the Wrong Path

Nuova Onda 999 / Нови талас 999 / New Wave 999

Al Settimo Cielo / На Седмом Небу / In Seventh Heaven

Il Club dei Bagnanti Anonimi / Клуб анонимних купача / The Anonymous Bathers Club

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