Dec 14, 2020

Kinoskop Spinoff: B&W Celluloid Magic

Welcome to the first Kinoskop spinoff! Presented here is a small, yet eclectic selection of seven B&W films released during the past two decades, and publicly available on their respective authors’ Vimeo channels. Arranged chronologically, it opens with Phillip Barker’s illusionary, perspective-bending mystery drama Regarding that makes brilliant use of a single set, then takes a sharp turn into the absurdist territory with Dmitri Frolov’s punkish, darkly humorous piece The Daddy’s Meat, followed by Brittany Gravely’s esoteric music video Black Tide for avant-garde band Neptune set in the otherworldly realm of non-human. 

The longest of the bunch, Medeafilm by Behrad Gramian and Hailey Benton Gates pays a loving homage to silent cinema, as it subverts the Medea myth into a quirky, psychosexual cine-play. Susu Laroche’s less-than-two-minutes-long action fantasy Tzars of Eros elevates grain and scratches to a whole new level, depicting ‘Apollo and Dionysus at loggerheads’. Karissa Hahn turns the mundane into a recurring nightmare in her performative short Cataract Churning Grey marked by the whistling sound of a boiling teapot. And last but not least is Jared Michael Sobotka’s Anima – a dreamlike exploration of self and soul that was screened as a part of ‘Cine-Rituals in Magic & Alchemy’ program at the inaugural edition of Kinoskop in Belgrade, 2019.

Click on the titles to watch the films!
Total Duration - 37:11

Regarding | Phillip Barker | 2002 | 16mm | 4:50

The Daddy’s Meat | Dmitri Frolov | 2004 | 16mm | 3:36

Neptune – Black Tide | Brittany Gravely | 2008 | 16mm | 4:34

Medeafilm | Behrad Gramian & Hailey Benton Gates | 2010 | 16mm | 11:47

Tzars of Eros | Susu Laroche | 2014 | 16mm | 1:40

Cataract Churning Gray | Karissa Hahn | 2017 | Super 8 | 4:07

Anima | Jared Michael Sobotka | 2019 | 16mm | 6:37

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