Oct 23, 2019

A Selection of Recent Artworks (III)

Recently, I started a new series of monochromatic collages which are titled in Italian, all because a Fellini's film crossed my mind while I was working on the initial piece, though there may be some subconscious reasons as well. Down below, you'll find all of the 11 'Bianco/Nero' artworks created so far, as well as the latest Every Sun That Died spin-off called Salvador which I probably won't share on my Facebook page for the obvious reasons.

During this week of blog-silence, I watched more than 100 short films submitted to the first edition of Kinoskop festival, so I'd like to remind the filmmakers who work with celluloid that they can send us digital copies of their 2018 and 2019 films (Vimeo or DropBox links) to kinoskopfest@gmail.com or via FilmFreeway, until November 10.

Niccolò: L'Avventura Cosmica

L'Ultimo Viaggio di Cleopatra

Il Cacciatore di Sogni: La Grande Fuga

Il Racconto di un Fabbro e una Musa

Futuro il Barbaro: Le Due Presagi

Il Canto Triste della Sirena

L'Incantatore di Coniglie Arcane

Guarda, ma non Toccare!

Il Suo Grande Debutto

La Bella Distopia

Dentro il Buco Nero


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