Jan 14, 2019

A Year Shrouded in Collages!

Intended as a Dada-esque joke or rather, a well-intentioned parody, A Composition with Skeletor (originally, Kompozicija sa Skeletorom) turned out to be the spark that would trigger my on-going collage obsession. And on this day a year ago, I published an experimental, balloon-free comic / quadriptych of sorts titled O (Of Lights and Parasites) which marked my first serious approach to the aforementioned technique. Since then, I created more than three hundred collages and the latest twelve are presented below, showing a wide variety of influences, ranging from the Serbian folk tradition to Bauhaus art to movies.

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Right in the Eye of the Universe

The Answer Was Stopped at the Doorstep

The Audacious Reconfiguration of Memories

Nostalgia, Version 1.9
(dedicated to Sergei Parajanov)

The Oracle


On the Edge of the Chasm

Supernova Migraine

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine
 (... which is why Adam and Eve decide to treat themselves to an exotic journey)

Pleasant Coversations With the Unknown

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  1. Congratulations on your well deserved success! Just viewed the ‘O (Of Lights and Parasites)’ quadriptych and it is magnificent. Loved the opening poem. Thank you for sharing your always intriguing creations. Cheers.

    1. Thank you, girlcrawl! Your comments provide me with the extra boost to move on! <3