May 4, 2020

Dreams of Brown Sugar and Sand

My second solo exhibition MeleM (lit. Salve) encompassing twenty five of my collages printed on canvas was set to be opened on March 21, but due to the C19 lockdown, it was postponed to unspecified date. For that reason, I have decided to post an online selection of fifty pieces of artwork (created between June 2019 and the first days of May 2020) including seven brand new ones which haven't been previously published anywhere.

Draped in shimmering haze of introspective musings, these images exist on the very edge of innate chaos, somewhere between shapeshifting myth, amaranthine mystery and crumbling reality. Stubbornly phantasmagorical, they continually dissolve into the blinding light of unconsciousness from which the fragile world of agitated serenity emerges. They are heralds of primeval secrets yet to be awaken from their timeless, fairy tale-like slumber; they are Dreams of Brown Sugar and Sand in an endless desert of hope and despair... 

Invocation of the Fallen God ~ A Centaur Prepares to Shoot an Evil Heart ~ The Fifth Horseman Took the Wrong Pill
The Pilgrimage ~ The Revelation
Achilles : Mysterious Distances Converge ~ The Witch Doctor's Transmutation ~ Spilling infinity

Yume no Tamago ~ Perpetual Evanescence
Softer Than Clouds ~ Harder Than Water

Lilith's Perseverance ~ The Rabbit: Out in the Cold
The Gleaming Haze Above the Fields of Oneiros ~ Filigree Faustian Fugue
Das Nachwort ~  Jesenja apoteoza Lesnikova

Daemonium : All the Swans Are Dead ~ Pandaemonium
Mnoge tišine ~ The Impossibility of Emptiness
A Smile Is a Lie, in Paradise They Don't Fly

Dream Whisperer ~ For Now, For Now, I Am Fall, Tomorrow Will Be My Souvenir
St. Onanist ~ St. Enigma ~ Colossus (The Naked Truth)
Lost in the Fog of Everlasting Hypnagogia ~ Moranin jesenji ples (Od zlata lobanja) ~ The Altar of the Great Whale

Caressing Otherness ~ The Fallen and the Flower of Nothingness
Infected by Beauty ~ The Portrait of Solitude With a Snake and Peaches ~ Mundus Alius

Z.O.R.T. ~ Dolor Dolor
Panspermic Divinations ~ A Letter to the Void (Panspermic Divinations II) ~ Panspermic Divinations III : Zilch Candies

Niti jedna reč u pismu za oblake ~ K.R.I.K.
Her Oldest Familiar ~ The Wizard's Triumph

Angelus Tenebris ~ Three Stages of Enlightenment
Asymptote ~ Tech-Noir ~ On the Top of the Mt. Olympus


  1. All of these are absolutely stunning Nikola! Composition, color, textures... there's a sharpness of spirit, sensibility in all of these, alluding to the sensitivity and intellectual curiousity of the artist! Wonderful!

    1. Thanks a million for such beautiful words, Vicky! They're highly appreciated! <3

  2. Replies
    1. I can make them available, just let me know which piece(s) you're interested in. You can contact me via nikola[dot]gocic[at]hotmail[dot]com.