Jun 21, 2018

Ready Player One (Steven Spielberg, 2018)

☼☼☼☼(☼) out of 10☼

Plunging the viewer into a vast and messy virtual world of a futuristic dystopia, Steven Spielberg reaches new levels of shallowness (no pun intended) and delivers a noisy, kitschy, mildly entertaining hodgepodge spectacle which bastardizes The Shining, relies heavily on the glossy, 'video-gamey' CGI (though for a good reason), wastes the talents of Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cook and the rest of the cast by fitting them into all-too-familiar cookie-cutter roles, and throws at you more pop-culture references than you can quarter-circle forward + any punch at (for the uninitiated, that's how you perform Hadouken in Street Fighter series).

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