Sep 28, 2011

Muzički predah...

... odnosno, obećan izbor albuma (poređanih po abecedi) koji će, nadam se, inspirisati još nekog, kao što su mene nadahnuli tokom prethodnih meseci (a svežiji tokom proteklih dana) 2011-e. Pošto nisam vešt u komentarisanju muzike, osloniću se na navode iz recenzija umešnijih kako bih ova ostvarenja približio čitaocima (i potencijalnim slušaocima). Pet najomiljenijih označiću sa ***. Uživajte!

Agent Fresco / Long Time Listening
"... Mind-boggling rhythms writhe spastically, underneath unpredictable soundscapes, that morph seamlessly from floating, chilly atmospheres, into dense, jagged math-core riffage... Vocalist Arnór Arnarson puts in an otherworldly performance, sounding immaculate whether he sings with chest voice, falsetto, or screams his lungs out..."

Amaranthe / Amaranthe
"The album begins with the excellent opener 'Leave Everything Behind' before leading us into barrage of Pop fused Metal (or should that be Metal fused Pop?), with gymnastic vocal displays and slick production... This album is a guilty pleasure start to finish; however it's sheer awesomeness makes it a guilty pleasure..."

Ava Inferi / Onyx
"... Onyx devours you gently and captures your senses within a hallucination with its eerily beauteous aura. You get the feeling as if you were awake but dreaming in safe waters, when it's like a siren leading you to your doom as the overall ambiance becomes menacing and hostile. And then there's nothing you can do but wallow in your grief..."

Fair to Midland / Arrows & Anchors ***
"... Continuing on from where their breakthrough album Fables From a Mayfly left off, Fair To Midland have put together an outstanding album of eclectic rock music, albeit in a heavier fashion this time around. Arrows and Anchors is the natural progression from Fables… in that it improves the band’s overall sound while still retaining what made its predecessor such an excellent release...  The schizophrenic 'Rikki Tikki Tavi' is a thrash/folk/metal/ambient masterpiece and is easily the heaviest song on the record. In fact, it is the perfect advertisement for Fair To Midland’s song writing talent – joining polar opposite influences together into the same song..."

Fluxious / Why So Serious
"... It's a joy to come across something with an edge and a drive... The mix of jazz and metal that Fluxious offers really has the kick."

Joker's Daughter / The Last Laugh
"... Lyrics frequently invoke a kooky magical realist vibe involving fairies, goblins, hooded men and walking trees, songs of real substance loom out of this fantastical ephemera... The album is dripping with the subdued, trippy pastoralism..."

Kingfisher Sky / Skin of the Earth
"... Kingfisher Sky's debut, "Hallway Of Dreams" created quite a positive buzz in the Gothic Metal underground and "Skin Of The Earth" is a step in an even more confident and grandiose direction for this Dutch band. Aside from the aforementioned Progressive leanings the band manages to add such varied influences of Folk, Symphonic and Gothic Metal..."


(Sudeći po naslovu i rečima, nije tako teško zaključiti da su "Tečni satovi" posvećeni jednom od najslavnijih umetnika nadrealizma...)

Leaves Eyes / Meredead
"... With each album, the folk influences and symphonic tendencies have increased. The trend continues on the band's fourth studio album, Meredead, for what is perhaps their most engaging and complete release to date. Anyone at all familiar with Leaves' Eyes, or Theatre of Tragedy for that matter, knows that Liv is one of the top female singers in the world of metal today..."

Liv Moon / Golden Moon
Sympho-gothic-industrial metal sa pop-uplivima, na japanski način. Osim što atraktivno izgleda (kao što se vidi iz priloženog), pevačica (i glumica) Akane Okamoto se može pohvaliti glasom raspona od četiri oktave, što je već samo po sebi dovoljan razlog za preslušavanje "Zlatnog Meseca".


Mario Eterović / Fractals
"Interesantno je u umetnosti generalno, a u muzici pogotovo, pribegavati eksperimentima u ekspresijama. Jedan od takvih momenata jeste i rad "Fractals" Marija Eterovića..."
Milan B. Popović, Nocturne #17

Nico / Desertshore
"... Janitor of Lunacy thematically suggests overtones of an abortion or desired sterility. Its verses are structured like a warped, religious prayer... There is also ambiguity throughout the album that increases its mystery..."

(Kada sam prvi put čuo ovu pesmu, zahvaljujući Lechinom eksperimentu Finisterrae, bio sam ubeđen da je nastala otprilike u isto vreme kada i film, a ne čak četrdeset godina ranije.)

Paatos / Breathing ***
"... It is Petronella that really stands out as the star of the album, as she carries many of the main melody lines and really pulls the listener into the sometimes oblique, sometimes melancholic lyrics..."

Road To Consciousness / Road To Consciousness
"... There is much diversity of instruments, moods and the orchestral pieces give it a dramatic turn. The album is based on personal experiences, spirituality, philosophy and life and death. The lyrics are quite strong, and they are almost all written conceptually..."

Spellbound Dazzle / Unreal FairyTales ***
"... Eclectic. That's the word to describe this album. To pin this band down to one style is nigh impossible. Unreal FairyTales reaches out between AC/DC influenced blues rock, then jumps over to some of those cool, jazzy moments you come to expect from Protest The Hero, then bounces between some thrash, power, metalcore and traditional heavy metal. Oh yes, and some Spanish acoustic bits here and there. Oh yeah, and some polka or something...and barber shop quartet vocal bits..."

Stream of Passion / Darker Days ***
"... This is an excellent next stage and new set of stories in the development of this band. The power of the vocals stretch out with deep and poetic lyrics and the music adds additional flavors and sounds making the band's soundscapes even richer. Marcela uses more of those quiet moments to showcase her wonderful vocal talents and set up a great counterbalance with the power and dramatic instrumentation. On Darker Days, the band delivers another stream of passion and one of the best albums of the year..."

The Nuri / Music Box ***
Ako bih ove alt/prog rokere iz Nemačke morao da uporedim sa poznatijim bendovima, onda bi to svakako bili The Gathering (pri čemu mislim na njihova poslednja dva albuma, Home & The West Pole) i Muse, s tim što se The Nuri odlikuju nešto tvrđim ("metaliziranijim") zvukom.

 (Može se preuzeti i podjednako odličan prvenac "Masquerade".)

Tori Amos / Night of Hunters
"... Using a technique taken from classical music, Amos has created a cycle of repeating musical themes with her latest solo work, “Night of Hunters,” a beautiful kaleidoscope of remembering and letting go..."

Unexpect / Fables Of The Sleepless Empire
"... Since there's an inexhaustible number of adjectives to describe Unexpect's avant-garde and utterly incomprehensible style, let’s leave it at this: From the first buzzing note of the "Unsolved Ideas Of A Distorted Guest" to the last chilling strains of vocals and strings on "Until Yet A Few More Deaths Do Us Part", Fables Of The Sleepless Empire is a frenetic and insane aural assault that will simultaneously inspire, impress, and completely scramble your brain..."

White Willow / Terminal Twilight
"... White Willow's Terminal Twilight is a treatise in adventurous music, prog meets art rock meets orchestral and electronics in a perplexing and intriguing milieu. This is certainly not for the faint of heart or those stumbling over the next fluffy, sugar-coated, current music trend."

Within Temptation / The Unforgiving
"... Casting aside the refined sound of its predecessors, The Unforgiving preserves the bombastic side from Black Symphony tanks to musicians from the same Metropole Orchestra. Despite being blurred at times, the symphonic parts score many effective points and allow the album to finally get to that "guitar–driven opus" status we've all been waiting for..."

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