16 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (Another 13 Pieces)

The longest collage series I've created so far, Instructional Manual for the Superstitious will soon reach 50 pages and be released as a PDF anthology including hi-res versions of artworks.

Æonic Discovery

Glow & Animosity

Pravilo X>=

This Way Away

Horticultural Paranoiac

Alchemical Conversations

A Different POV

Falling Star 888

The Instrument of Doom

Isti Otrov

The Grapes of Wraith

A Close Encounter of the 4D Kind

Prenosiva Kataklizma

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15 Oct 2018

Animal World (Yan Han, 2018)

☼☼☼☼☼(☼) out of 10☼
A prime example of false advertising, Animal World (Dong wu shi jie) is most definitely not a crazy, pulpy and colorful action fantasy about a young man who turns into a sword-wielding clown and goes on a monster killing spree, but rather an overlong and cliché-ridden, though visually inspired (and eventually somewhat touching) 'thriller' about a bunch of debtors stuck on a loan shark's ship where they are forced to play the game of rock-paper-scissors using fancy cards and mathematical wit to win star badges (!) or lose their life, with the 'good parts' that are shown in the trailer and described above happening in our empathetic hero's head, and standing for a blunt metaphor about the difficulties of being a naïve philanthropist in a material world.

9 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (Another 11 Pieces)

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious keeps growing... (NOTE: The bilinguality of the artworks' titles is intentional, but you can always use google-translate.)

This Tingling Sensation


Dreams in a Witch's Womb


Happy End(less)




The Test


Algoritam+=Ludilo (A Horse for Laura P)

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7 Oct 2018

Mythological Reveries (3 Pieces)

The following artworks are the (retitled) remakes of Blue Love: A Centaur and a Lady, Yellow Curiosity: A Sphinx and a Poster Boy and Violet Delusion: Hercules and Cerberus, respectively. I got back to them so they could fit, aesthetic-wise, the 'Mythological Reveries' series... as well as to feed my obsessions with collages and Greek mythology.

A Centaur Trembles Before a Lady

A Sphinx Solves a Riddle for a Poster Boy

 Hercules Sends Cerberus to an Alternative Universe

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4 Oct 2018

Instructional Manual for the Superstitious (10 Pieces)

In this post which is obviously dominated by phantasmagoric imagery, I present another 10 collages from Instructional Manual for the Superstitious series which started with Less Than If (see the article on the 9th anniversary of NGboo Art).


Photo(n) Memory (Neki Vrag)


Dissolved Halo (Bez Zamajca)

Tangent Reagent

A Multiverse Idyll

A Small Token of Appreciation

The Thoughts of a Faux Moralist

Neuhvatljivo (5...4...3...2...1)

 An Interdimensional Conflict

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28 Sep 2018

HSP Vol. 1-10 on EFS Publications

Part I of my article on the voluminous, not to mention inspired, mind-blowing and mind-boggling Homo Sapiens Project by the prolific filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi (who also appears to be a walking encyclopedia of cinema history) is published! It encompasses the first 99 out of 199 films, so accordingly it is the greatest wall of text I've written by far, and it contains some of the wildest and weirdest lines that have ever come out of my pen (or rather, keyboard). You can read it at EFS Publications, just follow THIS LINK.

Still Shot from HSP (36)

26 Sep 2018

9 Years of NGboo Art!

108 months ago, NGboo Art was born. Originally, this blog was intended to be nothing but a hobby based on huge amounts of passion and enthusiasm, but for the last couple of years, writing about films and creating artworks (to be precise, collages) earned me some profits. (That 'some' is much better than the architectural 'none' which has often been the trigger of much disappointment and regret in the past). As of late, I opened a Ko-fi account for donations / possible patrons and a Society6 store in which my designs (15 of them, at the moment) are available as art prints, iPhone skins, stationery cards and whatnots. There's also a Fiverr gig for collage orders, and let's not forget a couple of fresh PDF artbooks, Glum Glamour and The Grain of Ultimate Silence, available for purchase on itch.io.

During almost-a-decade-long period, I've faced many confidence-dissolving downs, but I'd rather talk about ups, such as forming new friendships, getting in touch with many wonderful, struggling and persevering artists from around the globe, or having my works exhibited three times in Belgrade (this September, it will be four), once in Luzern and once in Preston. 2018 stands out as the year of the greatest changes, the plenty of highlights being: the inspiring visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the most pleasant company of Jelena Perišić (aka Kemmer), the unforgettable Sarajevo meetup with the prolific filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi (whose latest offering Phantom Islands looks and sounds absolutely astonishing on the big screen), several essays written for EFS Publications, an article contributed to Film Panic magazine (more to come, hopefully), an interview and a brief, yet memorable live conversation with Scott Barley (whose feature debut Sleep Has Her House is overwhelming when experienced in a well-equipped cinema), an honorable and quite flattering mention of my name in the column story on Slovenian multimedia artist Janja Rakuš, an evening of sensational musicianship on Nišville (very special thanks to Marko Žunić), as well as a few designs for NYC-based musician and film director Martin Del Carpio (Bandcamp / Vimeo).

My most recent preoccupation (teased here and here) has been the voluminous essay on Rashidi's 'secret' magnum opus Homo Sapiens Project which, inter alia, inspires weird analogies and encourages hyper-productivity. (At this point, I've seen 100 out of 199 installments, so it's pretty safe to say that I'm high on HSP.) On a different note, collage-crafting has already turned into an obsession, therefore I present my latest five pieces which have already been revealed on my Facebook and Ko-fi pages (and which will probably turn into a long series).

Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been following these pages! Cheers! ;)

Less Than If

Unchaining the Food Chain

Proportions of Martyrdom

Fast Approaching

Gemini Jumpers

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22 Sep 2018

Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (Alex Proyas, 1989)

☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ out of 10☼

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that wouldn't look out of place in a surrealist painting, the recently restored debut by Alex Proyas (of The Crow and Dark City fame, as well as of Gods of Egypt shame) is a visual tour de force of overwhelmingly great and whimsical proportions, albeit slightly hampered by dramatic inertness.

A candle-lit hut in the Australian middle of nowhere acts as a home for a couple of siblings, Betty (Melissa Davis) and Felix (Michael Lake), raised by the Christian fundamentalist father who bequeathed them with countless crucifixes of all kinds and sizes hanging around as the only pieces of bric-à-brac. Combined with the aftermath of an unspecified cataclysmic event, the heritage has taken its toll on the flighty sister, whereas the disabled brother clings to the sole non-religious book they have - The Birth of Flight. His passion for aviation (that rendered him cripple) turns into obsession after the arrival of an enigmatic stranger, Smith (Norman Boyd), who intends to cross over the mountains to the north, even if he has to fly. Much to Betty's disapproval rooted in the belief that the interloper is a demon, the two men begin to work on a contraption that will help them overcome the dire situation.

Deliberately paced and laced with absurdities and eccentricities of its characters, Proyas's story of a desire to escape and struggle between progress and status quo could also be interpreted as an allegory for artistic creation, with the trio of protagonists representing different aspects of the author or even the interacting agents according to Freud's psychic apparatus. If we go along the latter theory, we will recognize instinctual impulses of id in Felix, restraining demands of super-ego in Betty and mediating role of ego in Smith, with the performances similarly devised. In his first and only film appearance, Boyd (who is conveniently credited as The Norm) brings some ice to the overheated histrionics of Davis and Lake, especially of the former whose fits of theatrical madness would give many of the silent cinema stars a good run for their money. Identifying with any of them is certainly not an easy task, though the dreamer archetype embodied in Felix comes off as the most sympathetic, despite his manic enthusiasm.

The barebones narrative may not be the most dynamic, logical or engaging one, but it doesn't really matter, because Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds provides us with the imagery that is absolutely stunning right from the get-go. As dreamlike and powerful as the desolate vista of rusted caddies buried nose down in the sand, the shots intertwined with the opening credits prove that love at first sight is quite possible. Making sure its flames keep burning brightly all the way to the end are the author's crystally clear vision and the affective commitment of his art department. The vast exterior's turquoise blue skies opposed by the scorched oranges of the desert are gorgeously lensed by David Knaus in a boxy format, and the same goes for the ramshackle interiors of the cross-infected household, not to mention extravagant costumes and makeup that correspond with the paranoid behavior of Davis's (anti)heroine (who would feel as comfortable in some Gilliam's, Jarman's or Jodorowsky's offering). Peter Miller's art direction is impeccable, whereby his haunting and evocative 'Tangerine Dream meets Dead Can Dance' score sets the melancholic atmosphere of the whole proceedings.

19 Sep 2018

'Rabbit-Chicken-Knight' Diptych

You're a Big Girl, Alice

Keep Dreaming, Cinderella

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18 Sep 2018

The Ministry of Hell

Long ago, they were swirling around the dying light,
until all of them were swallowed by the eternal night.

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15 Sep 2018

'ABC~DADA' Triptych

'A' is for Archetype

A princess insisted on the Motor Proficiency Test, but her pet monster had swallowed a soap. Therefore, her suitors were obliged to engage in a savage battle organized by the astral projection of her Dreamweaver. The event was held at the haunted train station.

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'B' is for Bareness'

Before Butterfly’s ascension to Lucidity, there was a machine which had never been put to operation. However, nobody knew why her lost brother had to imagine a realm where taking clothes off felt like making moths believe in the healing power of flame.

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'C' is for Ceasure

Cautiously proceeding to the Oracle, she turned towards the Moon to find that he had transformed into a viciously red poppy flower. Maybe it was her smile that plunged him into Rapture. Nevertheless, she opened the door and entered the Nowhere of her Secrets.

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