Nov 17, 2022

Melancholia (Non) Grata

I find it a daunting task to write about my own work, and yet I felt the need to put one of my recently completed (and most personal) series into words, not to provide answers or explanations, but rather to confirm the presence of restless ‘phantasms’ that I came across while assembling these collages. The following paragraph can be viewed as a synopsis for a lost, imaginary film existing only in the remaining 26 frames.

A transmutation of despair into evasive shimmers of incessantly crumbling hope, ‘Melancholia (Non) Grata’ strives to capture (the artist’s) transitional states, both mental and emotional, veiling them in the persistent silence of clouds / light, and wistful blissfulness of sepia tones. The square format of each piece may create and maintain the illusion of stability, but the oneiric nature of compositions betrays and emphasizes the unwavering uncertainty of exploratory wanderings. On the dirt road towards the void of the future, amongst the ruins of half-remembered memories, inside the locked rooms of the subconscious mind, and above the reflecting surfaces of comforting dreams, dust-covered ‘marionettes’ perform an endless play for death...

Anemoia Paranoia: A Chronicle of Despair

Implosive Ascension According to the Boy's Dream

The Incredible Flexibility of Her Fancy

A Portrait of Longing Painted with Clouds

The Absence of I in the Egg of the Universe

A Secondhand Band-Aid for the Lost Time Drifter

Looking for Hope Lost During the Last Eclipse

Rejoice! The House of Cards Is Crumbling Down

Triangular Resentment of the Innocents

Her Mind Was Bright, His Heart Was a Piece of Junk

Three Wisecrackers on Their Way to Meet the Void

Primordial Phantasm, or the Perks of Puppetry

Hopelessness, the Most Effective Modus Operandi

Sitting There Alone, Searching for the Storm

Following the Snail's Trail in the Morning of the Zero Day

The Insidious Consistency of Wrong Moves

She Never Revealed the Secret of Her Undying Obsession

The Seventh Configuration: A Dual Soul

That Peculiar Specimen in the Butterfly Collection

Can't You Hear the Sweetest of Whispers?

An Elliptical Delusion of a Heavy Heart

A Hidden Message Left in a Suicide Note

Like Walking on Water, Only Faster

The Day Icarus Forgot to Fly

The Futility of Pulling 'X' Towards Oneself

... in Which the Children's Voices Are Never Heard

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