Jul 18, 2022

Straight 8 Films

What happens when you’re a cinephile / analog film festival curator, and you come across a Vimeo channel hosting in-camera-edited shorts shot on a single Super 8 cartridge? Well, you end up watching 30 3-minute films, and admiring the diversity and the power of DIY creativity at display. Often evoking the spirit of the past, available on the Straight 8 menu are absurd comedies, stop-motion animations, introspective, diary-like tone poems, queer and ecologically conscious fantasies, parodies of Street Fighter and video nasty trailers, a witchy homage to silent cinema, an alien-in-human-body’s meditation on the rigidity of human architecture, and even a sort of a mockumentary about one girl’s correspondence with Vincent Gallo. Hereafter, you’ll find the stills from 13 of my favorites produced between 2007 and 2022, and accompanied by video links (just click on the titles). Enjoy!

I will also take the opportunity to invite celluloid-lovin' filmmakers to submit their latest creations to the 4th edition of Kinoskop - international festival of analog experimental cinema. 

The Surrealist Brothel (Julia Jason, 2007)

Rouge Amour (Kezia Barnett, 2011)

Biskremosis (Marc Holtbecker, Robert Neumann, Annette Schneider, Caro Stoeckermann & Andre Wlodrski, 2012)

Who Lives There at Night (Drum, 2016)

Into the Mist (Benjamin Scrimgeour and Orban Wallace, 2017)

No One Cries Forever (Iconoclast, 2017)

Touch (Poppy Baines, 2017)

Hyper Galaxy Starship Team (The Pool Collective, 2018)

Satan’s Bite (Dean Puckett, 2018)

Coral (Blur & 24/7, 2020)

Face Me (Yolafilmo, 2020)

Ag:Au (Alex Cantouris, 2021)

Inside (Alex Shipman & Joseph Herridge Nowell, 2021)

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