Jan 14, 2020

Two Years in the Sign of Collage Art!

Two years after O (of Lights and Parasites) which marked the birth of my passion for (or rather, obsession with) collage-making, I am delighted to say that my opus has grown into more than 750 pieces, some of which have resulted from collaborative efforts, such as the film posters and single covers for NYC-based musician and filmmaker Martin Del Carpio, art-book adventure The Grain of Ultimate Silence starring directorial duo Daniel & Clara, Snow White-inspired heptaptych Glow Night and the Seven Owl-Men for which my friend Elizabeta Petković embodied the titular heroine, as well as the Minus Zodiac series based on nude studies by Kenyan visual artist Njoroge Kelvin. Recently, I even took a stab at (very basic) animation with The Escaping Thought and SOS: Eternal Dance, both of which have been met with positive reactions. A couple of my short collage comics, Exhausted Peace and F Mode, were exhibited at the 16th and 17th editions of International Comics Festival in Belgrade, and in February of 2019, my first solo exhibition took place in Niš University Library "Nikola Tesla". The closing ceremony of the inaugural Kinoskop festival was preceded by a small-scale showcase of analog photography, EndFrame(s), during which a dozen pieces of my artwork were projected on the wall of the gallery space in Kvaka 22. And let's not forget an online multimedia artzine Plima which included three of my collages, The Third Law of Ancient Magic (cover), The Spectre of Marko Kraljevic Disguised as a Rooster at Vila Ravijojla's Bal Masqué and Vila Ravijojla Guards the Mirror of the Universe on the Rooftop of the World. Persistently, I continue to create, guided by my intuition, advocating deeply personal, highly poetical and unapologetically puzzling art...

Incessant Battle: Hebi 8 vs. Rose Thorn

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