Nov 7, 2019

The Blessed Depressed

We mysteriously disappeared on the 12th of Dek Du, just a moment before our father created the word for the world. At the beginning, there was literally nothing, but then the first imagery emerged from our liquid subconsciousness... With their minds hanging from their ears, Kunikloj were wandering around the ancient ruins of Labirinto. They didn’t know what they were searching for, which is why we didn’t want to interrupt their silence. However, Flustre betrayed us, and the birds of Para-Noah whisked them away.

That is why we asked Mr. Luno where would the Tic of the Toc strike and he told us to consider lowering our expectations. It was the day after, yet yesterday didn’t have any objections. Besides, we killed ourselves on great many occasions, so one of our suicides might not have been imaginary. Our children were well-behaved, even during the sudden outbursts of naked luck – they had never barked like those white Korvoj who gathered on the roofs of faux innocence.

When the candy-flavored bubbles burst, everything went back to Normala where three Sunoj shone upon the graves of our ancestors. The road towards Destino was permanently closed and no one explained why.

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