Dec 7, 2018

The Homo Sapiens Project (Rouzbeh Rashidi, 2011-2015)

Comprised of 199 installments (+ a few bonus features) which range from 1 to 120 minutes in duration, the Homo Sapiens Project by the Irish-Iranian filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi sets pretty high standards for the experimental films to come. A culmination of its auteur's practice, as suggested by the official synopsis, it marks a singular milestone in the history of cinema (and no, this is not an exaggeration), which makes the honor of seeing it in its impressive, often ambiguous, not to mention poetic entirety all the greater.

Inspiring in many unexplainable ways and to the point of putting you in the state of hyperproductivity, HSP evokes various associations, reaches to your subconsciousness, compels you to perceive things as if you were an alien entity, and above all, radically explores the endless possibilities of 'motion picture', simultaneously looking into the past and the future. Both beautiful and deformed in its elusiveness, this Janus-headed 'mutant' transforms on countless occasions, decomposes then rises from the ashes, and brings about a collision between multiple filmic dimensions, and between our and its own realities, pushing you down the bottomless rabbit hole.

My two-part essay on EFS Publications is an attempt to grasp its 'madness'. Follow the links provided below:

Still shots from HSP
(100) | (135)
(154) | (157)
(160) | (172)
(181) | (189)

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