Dec 4, 2018

11 Recent Artworks

Growing simultanously with my collage obsession is the amount of artworks which reached the number of three hundred a few days ago. The selection presented here includes eleven of my recent pieces some of which show clear signs of the constructivist art influence, as well as the tendency towards colored 'accents'.

Self-Portrait With an Invisible Triangle and Eszett Squared

Leaving the Scrapyard Paradise

Angelic Paranoia: Endless Possibilities of a Room

A Classic Love Triangle With a Geometric Progression

... and Then the Moon Said Let There Be Nothing Else

Maestro's Mystery Is Blue

Likewise, the Eternity Prevails

A Choreography for a Pure Reverie

Forgotten Between a Memory and the Mythical Sun

A Cantilever Ends With a Canned Forever

Cruising Across the Universe Code-Named Kazimir

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