Jul 21, 2018

Glum Glamour

Today, I reveal the reason for a week-long blog-silence. Namely, it is Glum Glamour - a PDF artbook which includes a selection of my collages in hi-resolution, with 13 brand-new artworks (+ front and back covers + over 20 supplementary 'mini artworks'), available for purchase on ITCH.IO for a symbolic price of 5.00€!

7 Loves of a Four-Armed Man | Adoration Cycle (vintage edition) | Shadow House | Chocolate Milk Dream for Eros and Psyche | A Liquid Fairy Tale | ... and much more!

Follow this link >>> Glum Glamour
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 (front cover artwork)

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  1. Updated with another 60 x 30 cm (23.62 x 11.81 in) print-ready poster! It's titled 'Of Ghost Agents and Arcane Fantasies' and it is my first B&W artwork. ^_^

    So, here's the table of contents (* marks the previously unreleased collages):

    7 Loves of a Four-Armed Man (septych)
    - Tonal Disproportion of a Sugar Cube
    - No Silver Cutlery for Siren's Silence
    - A Pretty Hole to Unchain Your Soul
    - Square Is a Square, Mon Amie!
    - Aerodynamic Horse Leaves for a Harbor
    - Can You Fix the Boiler, Chap?
    - Imaginary Gods Care Not for Sapience

    Adoration Cycle (vintage edition)
    - Setup
    - Campaign
    - Exit

    The Lithium Cream (hexaptych)
    - Tic-Tac-Toe
    - Indifference
    - Self-Denial
    - Silence
    - Useless
    - Endless

    Chocolate Milk Dream for Eros and Psyche
    Synthesis Prior to Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis Followed by Hunger
    Hunger Denies the Simulated Coda

    Shadow House

    A Liquid Fairy Tale
    The Anatomy of a Phantasy
    (F)lights of Fancy
    Mild Imagination *
    ... Is Nothing but an Illusion *
    Innate Mirage *
    Marine Hypnagogia *
    Bewilderment Is in the Eye of the Beholder *
    The Invitation to a Dream Hunt *
    False Impression of Morpheus *
    Under the Bridge of Transmutation *
    Subconscious Dessert (No Apples) *
    The Boundless Endless *
    Beyond, Beyond... *
    Behold the L! *
    Deep Inside *

    + front & back covers + over 20 mini-artworks!

    + 2 60x30cm Posters
    The Nth Degree of Devotion
    Of Ghost Agents and Arcane Fantasies *