Sep 15, 2023

A Selection of Recent Artworks (XVIII)

With a total of 700 pieces, Bianco/Nero solidifies its place of my most voluminous project (in fact, it did that at 100 collages, I just went a bit overboard with challenging myself), posing as a vehicle for the transmutation of despair, a reflection and refraction of the innermost workings, a multitude of realities within a stubbornly pursued dream, a visual manifesto of concrete rules and ethereal transgressions. It bridges an illusory gap between the past and the future, rejecting the present for a surreal coexistence of all-time and no-time, as it feeds on unadulterated obsession, transcending its creator...

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Icaro, il Filosofo / Icarus, the Philosopher

Il Cavaliere dell'Inversione / The Knight of Inversion

Preparativi per la Fine / Preparations for the End

Melodramma Infernale / Infernal Melodrama

Pifferaia / Piper

Una Simulazione del Volo della Musa / A Simulation of the Muse's Flight

Biglietto di Sola Andata per Marte / One-way Ticket to Mars

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