Apr 14, 2022

Bianco/Nero No. 400 : Il Picnic

Conceived on September 30 of 2019, Bianco/Nero has grown to become my most voluminous and obsessed-over series – a whole new mysterious, shapeshifting (meta)world of seemingly endless possibilities. Taking cues from a number of various sources – myths and fairy tales, religious, pulp and surrealist art, steam- and cyberpunk aesthetics, Brutalist architecture, alternative music and avant-garde cinema, just to name a few, it has strived to blur or erase the boundaries between personal and universal, poetic and banal, physical and spiritual, profane and sacred, real and imagined, earthbound and extraterrestrial, order and chaos, life and death, miracle and apocalypse, the past and the future.

In the course of its irregular evolution, this wild, yet hopefully refined collage-mammoth has embodied both broken and still breathing dreams, inexplicable whims, undisclosed desires, repressed memories, scattered thoughts, contrasting ideas, spatio-temporal ruptures, the elusive ‘color’ of inner voices and illusory ‘words’ from beyond the realm of possibility. A reflection of my interrelation to Art and its omnipresence, the pieces of Bianco/Nero has often turned into a sort of a visual manifesto that stubbornly refuses to be clearly expressed. The 400th ‘chapter’ named The Picnic isn’t the final one, even if I decide to put an end to the series...

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